Our association Spreewald Friends e.V.!


On the 12th of February in 1992 the ferryman association “Spreewald Friends” - „Kahnfährmannsverein der Spreewaldfreunde e.V.“ was founded. After existing already 2 years as a community of friends of the traditional Spreewald punt riding the nine members got together to offer special tours for tourists. We created a conception which helped to tell apart the members of the ferrymen association from the other ferrymen. Not only the soon well-known green jackets of the ferrymen, also the cozy traditional boats distinguish our ferryboat company. In the meantime our association has 30 active members as well as additional sponsoring members. We are now the second biggest ferry company in the whole Spreewald.

Our association as a “trendsetter” !

Since its foundation our association has set trends in the tourism branch which are accepted as standard now. Constantly innovations of our members guarantee that we are always one boat length ahead of our competitors.

  • introduction of the exclusive table punts with beverage service (March1991)
  • introduction of the green jackets as the ferrymen clothing (May1992)
  • two new typical wooden boat landing places (April 1996)
  • the original Spreewald ferrymen patent first given in June 1997
  • first boat shuttle in the Spreewald (Mai 1998)
  • opening of a new restaurant and office complex at the Small Harbour  “Kleinen Hafen”  (May 1999)
  • all traditional punts are high quality and equipped with the best weather furnishings (middle of  2000)
  • complete new establishment of boat landing places, most modern ones in the Spreewald (March 2003)
  • new construction of the whole harbour facilities (2006/2007)

Our engagement for the environment in the Spreewald !


Our members are not only concerned about our guests but also about the preservation of the unique nature in the Spreewald. Concerning this every spring our association carries out a cleaning action of the river arms and the harbour.

Therefore our association is a 
popular partner in conversation about the environment protection and the landscape conservation. Further our association is supporting the as a historic monument listed lagoon village Lehde with financial measures as well as with the membership in a sponsorship-program to support the Spreewald farmers.