From the devil and his oxen now to the true historyhistory of the Spreewald.

The snow water of the last Ice Age washed sand into the “Baruther river valley” and formed watering places and also many small sand islands, the so-called "Kaupen". The slope of the Spree reduced itself more and more and over the time sophisticated water net formed itself. This lowland field was 75 kilometers longlong and up to 16 kilometers broad. These river arms of the “Spree” which are 970 kilometers long are now the Spreewald.

The first colonizers in this rough landscape were the Sorben and Wenden, a nation of Slavic origin that is resident in this area since the 6th century. Today their descendants are living in the entire “Lausitz”; bilingual local signs are showing this. powers Over centuries this river landscape arose - not only through natural powers, but also through the quarrel between human and nature.

Original the area was densely wooded, still in the Middle Ages elks and bears settled in the Spreewald. Through cutting down of bigbig forests huge areas transformed into meadows and fields the variety of living beings changed.

In spite of the intense country use / farming during the last decades the Spreewald still today proves to be a valuable withdrawal field for rare animals and plants. Since October 1990 the Spreewald is an international biosphere reservation. Such biosphere reservations are component of a worldwide net of large protected areas under control of the UNESCO.

Further information about the Spreewald you can find inwith the tourism associationassociation Spreewald (“Spreewald Tourismus e.V.”). During your stay in the Spreewald we recommend to visit the “House of Visitors” (“Haus des Gastes”) in Raddusch.

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